Tattoos And A Side Of Dumplings


Over the years, tattoos have become a constant and ever-present sight all over the world. Once considered only for sailors and criminals, tattoos have become widely socially acceptable over the last 20 years. No longer only for bikers and those ‘rough folks’ your mom warned you about, the growing number of people wanting tattoos means that the number of talented artists has exploded. This weekend in Seattle, you can meet some of them and browse through hundreds of portfolios in search of your new ink at the Seattle Tattoo Expo in Fisher Pavilion (Seattle Center).

Hosted by Hidden Hand Tattoo, the Seattle Tattoo Expo was created to bring together artists and clients from all over the world and the Washington area. This creates a sense of community and gives artists a chance to show off their best work while connecting to people looking to get more work done. It’s a win-win for both sides of the aisle while also combining burlesque, music and competition for an entire weekend of fun.

If you’ve been to either of our restaurants, you might have noticed we are big fans of the tattoo world. Not only is our Fremont location right next to Hidden Hand Tattoo, but many of our staff are proud bearers of tattooed skin. This weekend, we are not only going to be serving dumplings but we are official partners of the show. Tattoo artists recommend that you eat a full meal before sitting in their chair, so what better way than to get a quick and delicious serving of our Russian dumplings with the topping of your choice.

You can purchase tickets in advance here or buy them at the door, and children under 12 get in free! We’ll see all you freaks and geeks there!