Open daily from 11am-2:30am (both locations)

Welcome to Dumpling Tzar


At Dumpling Tzar, we are all about simple, delicious food for the people. Dumplings are an unpretentious, beautiful food that carries over through all continents and cultures. Pel Meni come from the Russian Siberian tradition of keeping meat fresh through long, harsh winters.

We are pleased to be in our eighth year of serving up hot, fresh Russian dumplings to the masses. We’ve got some exciting things in store: An expansion into a new, bigger dumpling restaurant and bar at our Fremont location. Our new space on Capitol Hill now offers a full bar with specialty cocktails as well as two happy hours and a vibrant atmosphere that we love.

Please stay tuned for the new things coming to our restaurant, our local festival presence and food mobile. Feel free to take a look around our site and check out our blog for more information. And thanks again for your support throughout the years.

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